Advanced Security


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We specialize in integrating existing and new systems to provide a technology enhanced solution for your property. Our teams have deployed integrated solutions for over 40 years in all environments. There are no markets or verticals we have not developed a solution for.

We cater to all needs when it comes to securing your property. Our team of experts will ensure the many facets of protecting your premise are taken care of. This includes all aspects of monitoring the systems and coordinating the appropriate response as required.

The interaction between the security and fire systems is essential for building security. Our teams will ensure the proper monitoring protocols are deployed for proper notification of authorities and other arranged contacts.

We have the latest and most up to date manufacturers to choose from. Our solutions incorporate what your tenants are looking for. We allow you to be in control of your environment with ample controls to audit the system.

We provide a wide array of solutions that can be online or offline depending on your needs to incorporate multiple buildings. Our selection of products will highlight the future capabilities of communication within your environment.

Being able to audit and control the occupant’s movement inside your building is essential for security. Extremely sensitive areas need to be kept secure and our multiple platforms give you lots of choice. We are well versed and trained in multiple platforms from small to enterprise level of sophistication.

Our wide array of partnerships with leading manufacturers makes us an ideal choice to serve all your video needs. We have cameras that will be suitable in all situations to ensure the images you collect are clear and usable.

Understanding the needs of the digital system is complex. Our team of experts work to ensure that the proper amount of storage is calculated to retain your information. We explore on premise solutions as well as cloud based systems that allow for increased flexibility and scalability.


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