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The strength of GuardTeck teams is more than physical. We’re a unique culture of strong instincts and sharp thinking. Brains as well as brawn. Fierce pride with a fun side. We’re the best at what we do, done with the best of intentions.

Not every applicant measures up, but the ones who make the cut enjoy enviable career experiences and perks.


if you

Live up to high expectations in unexpected situations

Stand out in big crowds

And think seriously hard work is fun if you love what you do

we’re definitely interested in hearing from you.

the perks

  • Privileges and access to as many as 500 events a year.
  • Above average industry earning potential in the Lower Mainland.
  • Discounted membership to Steve Nash Fitness Centres.
  • Accolades and rewards for achievements and tenure.
  • Personal recognition from management.
  • Employee benefits contribution.